What Is Messi Contract with Barcelona

BREAKING: Lionel Messi has agreed to a new contract with Barcelona that will keep him at the club until 2021 t.co/pi6KqHtzhQ With a wave from a window at Paris airport, legendary Argentine striker Lionel Messi received a warm welcome from fans of his new team, Paris Saint-Germain, on Tuesday afternoon, closing the book on the player`s long and seemingly unbreakable tenure at FC Barcelona. Messi has also participated in leading campaigns with Pepsi, Gillette and Turkish Airlines. As part of its list of wealthy celebrities in 2019, Forbes has estimated its support for this year at a total of $35 million (£27 million). [ MORE: USMNT WCQ in El Salvador is played without fans due to COVID ] Lionel Messi is going nowhere after agreeing to a new five-year contract to stay at Barcelona while agreeing to a 50% pay cut to help the club in its ongoing financial crisis. In addition, Barcelona had a chance to get some of that money back if they had decided to sell Messi`s contract last summer during last summer`s transfer window when he asked to leave. Significant disputes over the technical details of Argentina`s contract led to a situation in which the club had imposed a very high transfer fee on the greatest player who had ever agreed to it, even causing clubs backed by a ransom and a half from the king to turn away. Now he will see the end of his contract, which means he will go for free. Messi has signed a lucrative deal with PSG that will keep him among the top three revenues in his sport – according to Forbes, Messi was the no.1 among last year`s highest-paid footballers at $130. Portugal and Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is in second place with $120 million, Brazilian Neymar (and again Messi`s teammate at PSG) with $95 million. Kaveh Solhekol of Sky Sports News revealed the details of the contract, including Messi`s release clause, which is set at €300 million (£263 million): The Spanish daily said it had access to the document Messi signed with the Catalan club in 2017, which included fixed income and variables of up to nearly €138 million ($167 million) each season. The newspaper said it was the most expensive contract ever signed with an athlete in a sport.

It has already been revealed that Messi`s latest contract earned him $674 million ($168.5 million a year) over a four-year period, so the new contract is expected to bring him nearly $85 million a year and just over $420 million if he stays at the club for the duration. There`s almost certainly a lot more to it than that, but – as is the case with Messi – it`s still pretty private. Messi, a six-time ballon d`Or winner for the world`s best male footballer, will earn €67 ($78.81) per minute in base salary, more than $96,000 per day and nearly $3,000,000 per month with this new contract, as calculated by Football Tips, without taking into account the one-time signing bonus of $34.6 million. He has agreed to a two-year contract with PSG worth £35 million ($48.4 million) after tax and bonus included, with an option for a third year worth £25 million ($34.6 million). He will also receive a £25 million signing bonus for joining the club. Messi, a six-time Ballon d`Or winner, had spent his entire career at the Catalan club after joining his youth team in 2000, but Barcelona announced he would not stay after they were unable to register his new contract due to financial constraints. His previous contract with the club expired on June 30. Now he`s going to Paris, with bags that are (almost) as big as ever.

Lionel Messi`s latest contract with Barcelona is worth €555 million ($673 million) over four seasons, El Mundo newspaper reported on Sunday. The club expressed its „absolute support for Lionel Messi, especially in the face of all attempts to discredit his image and damage his relationship with the company where he worked to become the best player in the world and in the history of football. A few months or so, after Ronaldo signed a „long-term” contract with Nike in 2016, which would resemble the basketball star`s lifetime contract. LeBron James – and potentially worth $1 billion – Messi, behold, did the same with Adidas. The exact terms have not been announced, but reports in Spain suggest that he will accompany him at least until the end of his playing career. Messi and Neymar`s reunion with Kylian Mbappe is arguably the deadliest attacking trio ever assembled in club football. This means more demand for tickets and game shows. Lionel Messi signs a new four-year contract for £500,000 a week at Barcelona with a €300 million release clause Although the final balance has not yet been determined, Messi will certainly cause some moves in this ranking for the French champions. And given man`s preference to be a single economic force, his influence in this regard should not be underestimated. Messi`s last contract at Barcelona was worth $500,000 net ($610,000/$565,000) a week. The Argentina international is one of football`s most recognizable faces and most lucrative income and now faces a new challenge at Paris Saint-Germain after agreeing to a two-year contract after contract negotiations broke down in Barcelona.